Do you have a conference or meeting and need an energizing keynote presentation? We often deliver “The 1% Difference” as a keynote presentation (customized for the target audience) at conferences and company meetings. Our experience shows that having an outside expert speak on a subject with passion is often more impactful than having someone within your company or group speak.  We have seen firsthand the immediate motivation impact we can have on a group influencing them to make immediate change.

Clients find the 1% Difference to be a great fit because it’s:

  • Easy to understand
  • Has a strong business message
  • Speaks directly to how employees can impact profits
  • Can be applied immediately

If you want to go beyond ‘The 1% Difference’ and really maximize audience participation (and have 3-4 hours available) consider a scaled down version of our Profit Adventure™ interactive simulation. The simulation takes the keynote several steps further in that it integrates our hands on business simulation. These sessions fit well into conferences because they:

  • Are highly engaging
  • Are fun
  • Have a solid business message