‘Time is money’ is a common but true saying when it comes to improving business profitability. Training, a little effort and some basic math can often place a cost (or opportunity cost) on ‘time’. Consider the following:

  • if it’s possible to improve your margins by even just 1%, the difference between your current margin levels and potential margins could result in significant unrealized profit
  • If it’s possible to grow your business more profitably you may have incurred a huge opportunity cost by not acting sooner
  • if your employees see simple practical ways to improve 1% but they’re not engaged it’s costing you money

Good business profitability training can provide a huge return on your investment and that’s our goal.  With the right focus you can realize almost an immediate return. The key is focus.  We know you’re busy and adding more work and tasks to your ‘to do’ list or to your employees would be challenging at best. At the same time we realize, and you realize, that you need to be improving to become more competitive. That’s the nature of business and that’s why we developed the Quick Start Guide.

In the DVD program ‘The Secrets of the 1% Difference’ we share many tips and techniques for improving your business profitability. Training and more specifically this module will give you the focus and show you how to implement these principles in the near term without consuming a lot of time.  We‘ve used all of these principles with clients. However, we seldom implement them all at once. In this module we highlight a process for you to follow so you can achieve results almost immediately.

Business profitability training is different at Lyons & Associates. The ‘Secrets of the 1% Difference’ is based on making very small incremental improvements to key variables that result in much larger profit improvements. The ‘Quick Start Guide’ walks you through how to implement these strategies (or strategy in some cases) in the next 30 days. After all, time is money!

The one percent difference DVD program consists of the following four modules:

Pricing ModuleVolume ModuleEmployee Management ModuleQuick Start Guide


The 1% Difference DVD Set

The 1% Difference: Small Change-Big Impact



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