Do you want to improve financial performance by getting employees actively engaged in producing profits?

Business acumen training or business literacy programs can help you achieve that goal.

Profit Adventure™ for Business is our most popular business acumen training program because it teaches principles that apply to many different types of businesses in different industries. While each session is customized to specific client needs and aligned to their desired outcomes common outcomes include:

  • Margin improvement
  • Improved inventory turns
  • Improved asset management
  • Expense reduction
  • Enhanced teamwork

This one day experiential business acumen training program helps employees discover how their daily decisions impact profitability, teamwork and company goals. The program consists of three modules.

Module 1- Board Game Simulation

Most business literacy programs don’t engage employees but our hands on simulation makes business acumen training come alive in a fun, highly engaging and non-threatening manner. Participants become owners of a business and are given three years to achieve shareholder expectations in areas such as growing sales, improving return on sales and inventory turns.  They learn the importance of:

  • The sensitivity of, volume, margin and expense management on the bottom line
  • Managing inventory levels, turns and associated costs
  • Managing expenses
  • Optimizing return on net assets

The 1% Difference

Discovering the profound multiplier effect daily decisions have on profitability is key to making business acumen training relevant. This is achieved by examining how seemingly insignificant decisions affect your company’s bottom line. As we trace the impact of these decisions through the income statement and calculate their effect on profitability, the results are amazing to most employees.

Your Customized Applications Exercise

Having worked with hundreds of companies our experience shows that when business literacy programs are customized and aligned to client needs, results improve and learning retention increases. Therefore, we customize the applications exercise to your business. We design it according to your ‘desired outcomes’ and use your financial data and operational ratios to demonstrate the effect small changes have on your bottom line. Finally we work through an interactive process to develop realistic achievable next steps that will generate profits.

Target Audience

  • Employees in sales and marketing
  • Employees in purchasing
  • Supervisors, managers and other employees who impact profitability

For more than ten years the Profit Adventure™ business simulation has brought teams of people together helping non-financial people learn how business make money and more importantly the financial consequence of daily their decisions.  This is a fun engaging way to learn business finance in a non-intimidating manner.  Program participants often comment they learn more in this one day program than they learned in an entire semester of business school.  Ideally targeted to groups of 12 or more, Profit Adventure™ is our most powerful tool to unify teams of people to a common financial purpose.