Business Simulations GamesProfit Adventure™ takes our business acumen training to the next level and can fast track your financial results. It’s for the business or team that wants a live, experiential event that will get employees excited and engaged immediately.

Business acumen training traditionally follows an academic model where a facilitator at the front of the room pours over income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, financial ratios etc. The problem is many people are intimidated by the jargon, it’s not exciting and it’s not how adults learn best. The material is usually presented at a high level and is somewhat disconnected from the everyday decisions and tasks that employees relate to.

We changed business acumen training with the introduction of Profit Adventure™ which is a practical and engaging workshop designed around a business simulation to help employees discover how their daily decisions are impacting the business in areas like cash, profit, sales, managing assets etc. This one day program is targeted to employees and managers who make decisions that impact your bottom line.

What makes Profit Adventure™ and our approach to business acumen training unique is the:

  • highly interactive and engaging business simulation
  • ability to choose the simulation which most closely resembles your business
  • option to customize the simulation
  • integration and use of relevant examples from your business
  • customized exercises using your financial information, product information etc.
  • use of facilitators with business experience
  • 1% Difference module which clearly shows how small changes can create significant results
  • focussed action plan on what to do next to increase your profitability

Your business acumen training should go beyond knowledge to generating results. While outcomes vary based on what the client wants to focus on, margin improvement is the most common outcome because in most businesses it has more impact on profits than any other decision.

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For more than ten years the Profit Adventure™ business simulation has brought teams of people together helping non-financial people learn how business make money and more importantly the financial consequence of daily their decisions.  This is a fun engaging way to learn business finance in a non-intimidating manner.  Program participants often comment they learn more in this one day program than they learned in an entire semester of business school.  Ideally targeted to groups of 12 or more, Profit Adventure™ is our most powerful tool to unify teams of people to a common financial purpose.