“The 1% Difference” shows you how to:

  • leverage profit drivers
  • plug profit leaks
  • get employees  actively engaged in making slightly better decisions that will generate more profits
  • provide your employees with more insight and understanding on how your company makes money

“The 1% Difference” is a story about how a manager takes over a struggling branch office and realizes significant improvements in profitability. He begins by helping employees discover the multiplier effect of their decisions and then gets them fully engaged in finding small improvements. The result amazes everyone.

What would one percent difference mean to your business? Consider that every day employees make decisions that ultimately get reflected on your financials. In many businesses, sales representatives have the greatest influence on the financial success of the business since their decisions directly affect one of the most important lines on the income statement, the sales line. However, other employee groups can influence financial results. Purchasing affects costs of goods sold; managers, supervisors and employees affect expenses; other employees affect the utilization of assets such as inventory, receivables and fixed assets; and everyone affects productivity.

“The 1% Difference” shows how a mere one percent improvement in key variables can have a huge impact on profitability in a very short period of time. You do not have to make significant investments or wait years for the result. You do not have to create teams and initiate projects nor do you have to add any work to your current workload. You can make a difference today and start to see the results by month end!

The 1% Difference 

The 1% Difference: Small Change-Big Impact

Murray Lyons (Author), Kelly Lyons (Contributor)


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