At Lyons & Associates our core competency is developing business acumen skills. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in multiple industries over the years. Although our client list may be of some interest to you what’s more important is your business and how our solutions can improve your results.

Most of our clients are trying to do one or more of the following;

  • Improve margins
  • Reduce expenses
  • Manage assets more effectively
  • Grow sales and profits

Early on we identified a disconnect in that most people in business don’t have a financial background and never truly experience the impact of their decisions on the income statement, balance sheet or other financial ratios. Our customers didn’t need more accountants, they needed employees who understood how to impact the financials and run a healthier more profitable business.

We couldn’t find the right solution and therefore invested about two years in developing several highly effective and engaging business simulations that focus on the importance of day-to-day decisions because that’s what most people relate to. By helping participants discover the difference their decisions make and then getting them actively engaged in making better decisions we can have an immediate and meaningful impact on your results.

Although our business simulation games and programs relate to a variety of different industry types we still customize the applications exercise to focus very specifically on your business. We gather specific information from you and then create an applications exercise that’s meaningful and relevant to the participants. We focus on small changes that have a high probability of success and high financial impact. We look for ideas that can be implemented easily, quickly and don’t require budget dollars or teams to be formed.

Our goal is to simplify and apply key principles so you realize immediate improvements.

Why not invest in business acumen training rather than paying indirectly for not doing it?

Recently while working with a group of managers from a large national company I discovered one manager was charging less than the corporate average for technician hours. In the process of learning more about the situation I indicated he could probably take up his pricing in the marketplace with very little pushback from customers. When I saw him 10 months later I learned he had taken the hourly rate up twice with no lost volume. He had successfully plugged a profit leak that had existed for years and likely cost the company several hundred thousand dollars in lost profit.

Everyday profit dollars vanish from your business in countless ways. It might be an incremental expense, a discount that’s extended or as in the example above, a lost opportunity. Many of these situations are preventable but mot employees don’t understand the multiplier effect of their daily decisions on profits and so accept these profit leaks as a cost of doing business. This is usually much more costly compared to plugging profit leaks and leveraging profit drivers.

What makes our business acumen training unique?

As Einstein said ‘Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.’ The problem with experience is that it takes a long time to acquire and often we never experience the financial impacts of our decisions. The problem with information is most of us are drowning in it and still starved for knowledge.

We’ve solved both problems with Profit Adventure™, an experiential learning program that focuses on how to run a more profitable business. In the simulation you’ll be making many of the decisions business owners make every day and experiencing the outcomes. You won’t be drowning in information because we’ve gone to great lengths to simplify the process and focus on the key drivers of profit. Then we connect the learning directly to your business through a customized applications exercise and focus on improvement opportunities that have a high probability of success and financial impact. The process is designed to be fun, highly engaging and immediately applicable to your business.