Representing the buyer we provide acquisition due diligence services to evaluate acquisitions from a sales & marketing, financial and operational perspective.  The outcome is a thorough objective analysis of the business. This process often identifies opportunities and issues the purchaser was not previously aware of.

We apply our proprietary tools and processes in a manner designed to uncover opportunities and threats to the business for the benefit of the buyer. Ours is an independent critical analysis of the acquisition candidate designed to remove doubt and uncertainty for the buyer in the areas of finance, sales & marketing and operations.

Our clients find value in our work for the following reasons:

  • Third party unbiased view of the business
  • Experienced team – Over 60 transactions in the distribution, converting and manufacturing industries
  • Timeliness and comprehensiveness of the report – We are a focused resource that can complete a thorough report generally within 10 days of the site work
  • Arms length team – Having someone perform the due diligence who is not an immediate competitor causes the seller to be more willing to share information.
  • Analysis – The diversity of our industry experience enables the business to be analyzed against industry operating and financial ratios.