Acquisition analysis has us representing the seller where we support organizations wanting to sell their business by applying our knowledge of what potential buyers are looking for in an acquisition. In many cases, this requires making some adjustments to the business in order to have the business performing at a level the purchaser will find valuable.

Once the business has been positioned to maximize the purchase price an offering memorandum is prepared and we begin to actively market the business.

Our objective, representing the seller is to position the company in the best light possible to achieve the premium over asset value (purchase price). As a beginning step we work with the seller in the following areas:

  • We thoroughly analyze the business’ strengths, weaknesses and financial performance over the past three years.
  • We develop proforma financials for the current fiscal year and next fiscal year.
  • We identify all add-backs that accrue to the buyer and restate the financial statements for the buyer.
  • We develop a comprehensive Memorandum of Offering that describes the history of the business, its products, market position, operational strengths and structure using the following outline.
    • Introduction
    • Investment Considerations
    • Market Analysis
    • Description of Business
    • Facilities

Each section of the Memorandum of Offering will be thoroughly researched and documented. Our intention here is to present the company in the best possible manner from a strategic and financial perspective. Potential buyers need to see the market strength of the company, its intrinsic value, and potential for growth over time.