One of the biggest challenges business owners face is preparing their business for succession, whether that succession means the outright sale of the business to an outside buyer, or perhaps your desire to pass the business along to a group of employees or family members.  In many cases business owners will not have experience with business succession and will need help from outside advisors such as accounting and legal firms.  In front of that advice the business will need to prepare itself for transition operationally and financially.  This preparation work is one of the areas where we fit in.

Collectively our team has been involved in the preparation, analysis and succession of more than sixty businesses in a variety of industries.  Through this experience we have learned firsthand the steps a business needs to follow to prepare itself for transition, regardless of the type of transition.  The steps and actions followed differ based on the type of transaction the business is seeking, but in all cases it is important to plan that transition in order to maximize the value and protect the future health of the business.