At Lyons & Associates our consulting services are narrowly focused in a few key areas largely targeted towards businesses with revenue between ten and one hundred million.  Working across a number of markets in U.S. and Canada we focus our work towards helping businesses become more fiscally healthy by targeting the areas of Sales & Marketing Effectiveness, Operational  Effectiveness and helping privately held business prepare for succession or transition.

In our work we maintain a key focus on the short to medium term financial impacts of our recommendations, actions and strategies so our clients can measure the return they are earning for the investment they make with us.  With that in mind we take a very practical approach to finding ways to support our clients with initiatives that bring financial return without significant investments in the near term, without stripping out expenses.

We take a very practical approach, engage the management team of our clients in a non-threatening manner and work hard to be seen by the business as a resource that brings focus and financial value.   Over our thirteen years our clients have come to appreciate our high touch, hands on approach.

Before we engage with a new client we move through a discovery phase where together we assess fit with the client’s needs.  Once both parties agree we are a good fit we collaborate to develop a plan that engages members of your team so they are part of the process, and not recipients of plans developed in isolation of their input.  This inclusive approach develops your team and provides a foundation of collaboration to achieve your business goals.