Kelly’s twenty years of operational and executive management experience in the United States and Canada give him instant credibility.  Kelly worked his way up from an entry level sales position to VP of Sales & Marketing for a billion dollar organization and held countless positions on his journey and therefore can relate to almost anyone in any position.  His extensive experience enables him to teach others how to make the small changes in business that have the most sustaining and positive financial impacts.

In addition to his classroom work and speaking engagements and co-authoring a book titled “The 1% Difference” Kelly has been involved in the acquisition of more than sixty businesses, providing due-diligence services, facilitating assimilation exercises and supporting organizations that have and will be merged. Through his experience Kelly has developed very strong business acumen skills and has learned how to help others get what they want from their business.

The organizations Kelly has worked with have a track record of achieving a common set of goals, desired financial results along with retaining key employees.