Welcome to Lyons & Associates. We specialize in developing business acumen skills and improving financial performance through:

  • financial literacy courses
  • customized consulting

You can participate in our financial literacy courses through live Profit Adventure™ sessions or learn at your own pace in our new DVD program “The Secrets of the 1% Difference”. Either way, our focus is to help participants discover how their day-to-day decisions are affecting profitability and then get them actively engaged in making slightly better decisions that result in improved profits.

In addition to our financial literacy courses we offer customized consulting in several areas such as:

  • sales and marketing effectiveness
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • operational effectiveness

Over the years we’ve worked with over one hundred businesses of all types, sizes, provided consulting on over 60 acquisitions, and worked on both short and long term consulting contracts to improve performance and build shareholder value.